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Due to the nature of the hack if we were to charge, we would be breaking TOS of Roblox, we are unable to charge and earn for exploits

Join a Builders Club (BC)

Builders Club or (BC) is a premium membership status that grants Roblox users extra privileges within the game, these privileges cannot be obtained by non-builder clubs users. Users that are part of a Builders Club will receive daily Robux and have the ability to make shirts and pants,

Purchase Robux

The last and final option is to reach in to your pocket and purchase Robux directly from their website, yes this will cost you real life money, but you will not be cheating in anyway shape or form. This is the fastest and most secure way to obtain Robux, but also the least cost effective.

Sell Game Passes

Any user can sell game passes, however users that are part of a Builders Club receive 70% of the profit, if you are an active user and can sell a lot of passes, you will soon find out that making Robux this way can be quite rewarding.

Earn Robux by selling clothing

You can earn free Robux by paying to become a member, once a member of a Builders Club you will have the ability to sell clothing and earn 70% of the profit in comparison to non builders who receive 10% of the profit.





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